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Anatomy TEAM

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           Kevin Laird


Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois,  founder and CEO of Anatomy Physical Fitness, Kevin Laird, has had a love of sports since he was a child. At a very early age, Kevin was involved with and advanced in many athletics including baseball, basketball, football, and swimming.

When he was just fifteen years old,  Kevin became involved in physical fitness training and discovered a true passion for exercise. He decided to become a lifeguard, working part-time while attending high school. A few years later, making a pivotal career change, he left a promising job in computer science to pursue his passion for fitness.

Kevin started his career in fitness as a personal trainer.  His focus then and continues to be improving health, fitness, and self esteem through a lifestyle that embraces physical fitness.

           Eric McElroy
Our expert in holistic pain management & postural alignment, Eric McElroy, will help you get back to the action!   Inspired by Strength Sensei, Eric offers one of the most effective postural correction and soft tissue therapy programs in the Midwest. Whether you are looking to alleviate your nagging back pain or instantly increase your athletic performance, Eric can get you moving the right direction!


Laura Siebert.jpg
           Laura Siebert


Laura is our Nutrition Expert and owns 180 Health. After receiving radioactive iodine on her thyroid for Grave's Disease as a teenager, she continued to struggle with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, depression, and anxiety with no resolution.  After taking many paths to wellness without significant results, Laura found Regenerative Detoxification and learned how to use nutrition, herbs, and holistic healing modalities to regain her life.  Talk to Laura about your nutrition, and you will surely feel optimistic about teaching your body to heal whatever ailment you have.

          Leo Goldman 
Leo is our Strength Training and Mobility Improvement Expert. Leo also will help individuals looking to lose weight and look better. Leo has a background in Kinetic Chain Enhancement and Strength Training for grappling sports. Leo is passionate about results. We get an incredible amount of positive feedback from our clients about Leo's work. Click below for more info.



           Lucas Zeiler


Experienced in collegiate sports and professional coaching, Lucas brings a unique approach to Youth Training. With Lucas, you can expect your child to gain self-confidence and learn the fundamentals of fitness. Whether its sports specific, or general fitness - Lucas will certainly exceed your expectations. 

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