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Leo Goldman

Specialist in Kinetic Enhancement & Strength Training

My father got me involved in the fitness work at a fairly young age. I was in every sport you could think of from martial arts to football and everything in between. I started having major issues with my knees in my late teens. After I saw many specialists as well as orthopedic specialists nothing seemed to help me. At one point the doctors told me I needed to possibly give up sports. Well this sparked a fire in me to go out and find my own answers. After traveling around the world attending seminars from world renown Strength coaches I was able to solve the problem. So now I love to bring these solutions to the general public as well as athletes.  I've learned to take a whole health approach with my clients. Dealing with mobility, nutrition, strength balance and supplementation. This lesson I learned dealing with my own issues has turned into a passion to help others. I like to take a very personal approach with each client. Everything is assessed from mobility to physiology. This was and is my fitness story.

Whether you are looking to increase strength & mobility or shed some weight - Leo is your GO-TO GUY. Fill out the form below to inquire about Leo's training:

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