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We take pride in our results!  Read below to see what our customers say!



I had worked with Leo in the past and had always had favorable results but I really began following his advice at the turn of the year. I was fresh off both the holiday season and had just gotten out of a relationship, both things that are known to cause some weight gain, and, needless to say, I had put on weight. When I first went to see Leo he measured my body fat and came up with an analytic plan (whatever the thing you do is) I began following it closely and checked in with Leo frequently both for advice and to have my body fat tested again to be sure I was on track. Reaching the end of summer I’m down 20 pounds went from 16% body fat to 10.5% and am stronger than I’ve ever been. I haven’t been without set backs though, back in early spring I began getting significant pain in my shoulder whenever I did upper body exercises. Leo helped me by both guashing (however it’s spelled) my shoulder and giving me some pointers and muscle imbalances I could correct to make the pain go away. I was back to normal in about a week and using those tips have been able to develop muscle and strength in my upper body whereas I had previously began to plateau. I can’t recommend Leo enough whether it be for muscle building, fat loss, helping with injuries, or all around wellness he’s a go to trainer. He not only knows what he’s talking about, but his passion and enthusiasm are infectious and made me recommit to my own goals. I can’t thank him enough.


"I have had the privilege of working with Lucas for the last two years of my collegiate career. Not only has he helped me get back into the game of soccer after my ACL surgery in 2014, but he also helped remind me how I first came to love my sport. His skill as a coach and mentor is impeccable."


Working with Coach Zeiler had an exceptional impact on me. Through his use of dynamic strength, conditioning, and technical drills he helped me tremendously. He stressed and instilled in me a strong self-belief as a sense of inner motivation. His training not only helped me improve on the field, but off it as well - and for that I will always be thankful.


I'm a regularly active 30 year old  who goes to the gym and participates in sports regularly. Do I have a perfect diet? Absolutely not! Are there times when life and work get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle? You bet! And, I'd bet your story is similar. 


About a year and a half ago I threw my back out doing nothing strenuous. I was reaching for something under my bathroom sink and felt a pop followed by intense pain. Immediately I went to the quick care who, of course, gave me some drugs to ease the pain and sent me on my way. 


Over the course of the next 18 months I began seeing a chiropractor 1-2 times per month. Seeing the chiropractor helped to ease the tension on the left side of my lower back, as did stretching. Basically, it allowed me to function and live a somewhat normal life. 


The pain would always creep back, though. I tried everything. If there's a product in the drug store aisle designed to ease back pain I've tried it. After awhile I began to think "I'm 30 years old. I'm way too young to live in pain. There has to be a way to get to the root cause of this." 


At this point I was ready to try anything. Eric was recommended to me by two of my colleague who had similar issues and swore up and down his alternative methods of addressing their issues worked. Of course, I was skeptical. Stick a magnet to my temple, wear some insoles, and stare at my finger and my pain goes away? Yeah right!


There's more to it than that and you need to be dedicated and regimented to do what Eric tells you to do. But, it works! I've been pain free for over three months. As my pain subsided my attitude and overall well-being has improved dramatically. Sure, if you go and do five ours of yardwork or rigorous exercise you're going to be sore. That's not going to change. What has changed is I no longer feel the need to see my chiropractor on a regular basis just to maintain a short window of no pain. 


My recommendation to anyone who is in pain (back or otherwise) is to go see Eric. Take the time to address the root cause of what's making your body react to the stimuli the way it is. You'll have your work cut out for you in terms of what he instructs you to do but the results you will see are amazing!

I was feeling pain and discomfort for months. After seeking out chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncture, etc. I found no satisfaction until I came to Anatomy. What a great group of people that have helped me overcome my pain and get back to my old self. I'm thoroughly grateful! 

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