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Anatomy Physical Fitness Provides a wide variety of Health Services. From Individualized Personal Training to Group Classes, to Nutrition Plans, we do it all. Read Below to find what fits you

           Posture Correction & Pain Management


Inspired by Strength Sensei, we offer one of the most effective Posture Correction & Pain Management Training Programs in the Midwest. Whether you are looking to alleviate that aggravating back pain, or rehab an injury, our team can get you feeling great again. 

Sprint Runner
           Strength Training & Mobility Improvement

Are you an athlete looking to build strength and speed? this is the place for you. After just 1 free assessment, we can show you exactly what is needed to get that athletic performance you've been dreaming of. We will get you out performing your competitors in no time. This is for Adults, Youths, Male & Female.

           Weight Loss & Physical Improvement


Looking to shed some weight and look great again? Interesting in getting back to a regular workout routine? Our individualized training is second to none. Detailed assessment and a personalized approach will allow you to get the most out of your 1 on 1 training with us.

           Nutritional Plans 


Our Nutritional service, 180 Health, will get you back on track to eating in an optimal way. You can expect life changing results in just 12 weeks. Not only do we address what you are eating, but also why you are eating and how you are eating. 

kids running
           Kids Classes


Our Thrive 45 Program is a group Boot Camp for Kids. We will show them the fundamentals of exercising in a fun and lively environment. You can expect improvements in Self Confidence and Self Esteem. You will see a difference in attitude and excitement throughout this effective Program. Ages 10-14

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